Trader Joe’s Italian Staycation

This is a hypothetical campaign and has no official correlation to the brand, Trader Joe’s.

Ciao, Italian Staycation!

With Trader Joe’s, your Italian Holiday is a lot closer than you think.

If you’re stuck at home and dreaming of an Italian vacation, you’re not alone. At Trader Joe’s, we’re proud to be known for our unique and affordable grocery offerings, and our selection of Italian-inspired food is no exception. If an Italian staycation is more realistic at the moment, here are a few things that will help you have an authentic Italian night with the help from Trader Joe’s.

With delicacies imported directly from Italy, the ingredients could not get more authentic. To help kick off the staycation, switch on the Italian tunes like O Sole Mio famously preformed by luciano pavarotti or Tu Vuo Fà L’Americano by Renato Carosone. Then, to set the mood, dim the lights and light a candle or too. And to top it all off, sit down with someone you care about or invite some friends over to enjoy the little taste of Italy you so kindly brought into your home.

As for the menu, don’t stress. Decadent mozzarella, ripe roma tomatoes, and fragrant basil is the perfect start to your Italian staycation when you slice the ingredients into a caprese salad. Followed by a wood-fired margherita pizza topped with fresh arugula, salty prosciutto di parma, and sharp parmigiano reggiano. But the deliciousness doesn’t stop there, next you’re going to serve a hot bowl of spaghetti with the rich and flavorful Tomato and Basil marinara sauce sprinkled with some more of that wonderful parmigiano that came straight from Italy and a few spicy chili flakes to add a kick! Your staycation doesn’t sound too bad now does it? Compliment your meal with one of Trader Joe’s many different red wines, or sparkling water, and to top it all off, dish up some decadent tiramisu just like the Italians do. 

One day you will be in Italy, but today, Trader Joe’s will help you have the most authentic staycation yet.

Boun Appitio!

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Caption: Bring your Italian holiday to life in your kitchen with some help from Trader Joe’s. Choose from a wide range of Italian imported goods, play some music, and light a candle. That staycation sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Caption: Trader Joe’s has everything you need to make your Italian staycation one to remember.

Caption: Sometimes your trip to TJ’s is in pursuit of one thing, and if that thing is the taste of Italy, look no further. You will find everything you’re dreaming of…buon appetito!

Caption: Trader Joe’s is proudly selling authentic Italian ingredients to help you bring the real flavors of Italy into your home. This staycation sounds delizioso!

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