Opt to Adopt!

Staud X The Labelle Foundation

This is Fifi, she will be up for adoption at the ‘Opt to Adopt’ event!

We have partnered up with LA-based designer Staud to host an epic event encouraging people to Opt to Adopt! We are so grateful for Staud’s help in making this event possible. Staud has committed to helping cover 50% of the adoption fees, offering customized pet merchandise and an exclusive discount code for their website. 

Staud has always recognized the joy and happiness that come from having a dog in your life so it is only natural that they reached out to us and wanted to work together in helping dogs in LA be reduced. 

Our hope with this awesome collaboration is that we can make opting to adopt your furry friend trendier than shopping from a breeder. There are so many animals that need rescuing in Los Angeles and that is our mission at The Labelle Foundation. We want to give these beautiful animals a second chance at having a great life and we think that soon, opting to adopt will be the new norm, and shopping at a breeder will be out of style. To celebrate the excitement of bringing home a new friend from the Staud X Labelle Foundation event, Staud is offering customized merchandise from their Custom Pet collation with a picture of your new best friend embroidered on it! 

Here are some examples of the customized merchandise that Staud will embroider with your newly adopted friend! Each item is limited edition Staud X The Labelle Foundation.

Mock Tote customized for “Opt to Adopt”

The Opt to Adopt event will be hosted at the Silverlake Dog Park the weekend of May 20th – 22nd every day from 10 am to 3 pm. We will have green tents and balloons indicating the event space! 

You can preview some of the furry friends we will have at the adoption event at Labellefoundation.com/staudevent. Please reach out to info@labellefoundation.com for more information and if you have any questions.

Types of promotion for ‘Opt to Adopt’ event

Mock Instagram post
Mock Flyer
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