Creative Brief

Fenty Beauty: Sweet Six Birthday Bundle 

Celebrating Six Years of Leading the Way in Inclusive Beauty

Campaign Goals 

The primary goal of this anniversary campaign is to generate excitement and involve customers in the celebration of 6 years of Fenty Beauty. Fenty Beauty’s success is largely the result of attracting and nurturing a loyal customer base. This campaign aims to reward those customers for taking an initial risk on Fenty Beauty and for their dedication through the early years of the brand. We want to reward loyal customers with early access to a limited edition birthday bundle that comprises 6 Fenty Beauty products hand-picked by Rihanna. Customers will be invited to buy the exclusive bundle. This in turn increases brand “affiliation” and “loyalty”, exposes customers to new products in the bundle, and drives further purchases of products that they tried for the first time out of the Birthday Bundle. The celebration is for the birthday of Fenty Beauty but also to recognize the anniversary of when Fenty Beauty changed the standard for all makeup and beauty brands by introducing such a diverse range of shades for its products. What started off as a groundbreaking 40 shades of foundation in 2017, has grown to 59 shades of the same foundation and the expansion of other shades in other makeup products.

Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign is people between the ages of 16-38. Staying true to Fenty Beauty’s mission, the campaign is targeting people of all races, gender affiliations, religions, and ethnicities. This campaign’s mission is to celebrate six years of inclusive beauty. Although we are primarily targeting returning (loyal) customers who are celebrating the Fenty Beauty anniversary, we are also aware that this is an opportunity for new customers to join the Fenty Beauty family. We are targeting people who are open to trying new beauty brands or people who are looking to change their current beauty routine. This is the perfect opportunity for the customer who wants to try Fenty Beauty but doesn’t know where to start. 


This is an upbeat and celebratory campaign for Fenty Beauty. The messaging should feel like an invitation to celebrate with Rihanna and Fenty Beauty on six years of creating a new standard for inclusive makeup within the beauty industry. The messaging should surround the six products that are selected to be included in the Birthday Bundle and spin it in a way to encourage people to try some of Rihanna’s top picks from her brand if they haven’t already. Also, with the limited edition packaging, there is an opportunity to make this a collectible release due to the limited inventory available. Messaging could include verbiage like “don’t miss this unique opportunity”, “before it’s all gone”, “act fast”, “limited edition”, “exclusive”, and “one time”.

Media Buy

The media buying should be focused on social media outlets due to the nature of a 24hr live campaign. Not only should owned media be maximized but also earned media should be pursued through Fenty Beauty ambassadors. The purchasing of sponsored posts consisting of ambassadors unboxing the Birthday Bundle the week before the 24-hr drop will help drive awareness and reach more potential customers who might not have tried Fenty Beauty products before. 


The timeline for this campaign is intentionally fast. The official drop is planned for September 8th, with an announcement of something special happening three weeks prior. 

On August 16th, there will be a teaser of the campaign which contains a very illusive box with very little detail. Interactive social media posts will be made on all owned channels where we ask what customers think we are going to do for our sixth birthday. Two days later we will offer a hint and it will be a video of Rihanna running through the Fenty Beauty warehouse looking up and down for very specific things and collecting them in her hands. There will be no audio for the video, only music. Two days later, on August 20th, Fenty Beauty will announce the incoming limited edition Birthday Box of six handpicked products from Rihanna in limited edition packaging. In the week leading up to the release, there will be individual posts highlighting the reasons why Rihanna picked each product and how she incorporates it into her beauty routine. In addition to that, brand ambassadors will be sent the Birthday Bundle as an opportunity to share the contents on their social media as well as share why they love Fenty Beauty. Ambassadors will share their own stories surrounding the fact that this is more than a birthday, it is an anniversary of creating a new inclusive standard for all makeup and beauty brands. There will be opportunities to sign up for alerts when the Birthday Bundle drops. 

It will launch on September 8th at 12:00 am and run for 24hrs. On September 9th, we will announce an extension of the sale for another 24 hrs to ensure everyone who wants to get the Birthday Bundle has the opportunity. On September 10th, Fenty Beauty will post a thank you to all who participated and ask what followers want to see for next year’s birthday. 

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