About Me

My name is Beatrix Maree Thomas, hello! 

The journey to get here has been an incredible 22 years and I have some epic highlights I want to share with you! 

  • Graduating high school in San Diego, California from the Francis Parker School in 2018 and being recruited to play for the University of Southern California’s four-time NCAA champion Beach Volleyball team. 
  • I came to USC in 2018 and joined an incredible sorority, Delta Gamma, and since joining I have made incredible friends, a strong network of hardworking women, and had the opportunity to participate in philanthropic work through the organization. 
  • I retired from my Beach Volleyball career to focus on my academics and enter a new phase of my life. The transition was difficult but I was ready for a change.
  • I got a job at the USC Bookstore helping run their marketing campaigns for a year and a half. It was a great opportunity that led me to my next internship opportunity at a cosmetics brand called Ghost Democracy which specializes in clean, affordable, and accessible skincare! I thoroughly enjoyed my 12 month internship under the guidance of my mentor Rex.
  • In the summer leading up to my senior year of my undergraduate degree at USC, I was accepted to USC’s graduate program called the Progressive Degree Program where I have been given the opportunity to start working towards my graduate degree as I finish my undergraduate degree.
  • Upon welcoming 2022, I have purposely not committed to any internship for the last semester of school so I can soak up all the greatness that my undergraduate experience has offered me.
  • I am thrilled to return to USC in the fall of 2022 to complete my graduate degree in Public Relations and Advertising. 

Things that bring me joy and excitement day to day include my beautiful friends, my supportive family, my boyfriend, dogs, outdoor activities and travel. I am lucky to have dual citizenship to Australia which has been my second home my whole life. My long term goal is to accept a job in Sydney, Australia post grad and move over there for an indefinite period of time. 

My dream day occurs over the summer when I am visiting my family in Australia for the Winter Holidays because it is summer in the southern hemisphere. The day starts by waking up early and playing at the beach in the ocean until it gets too hot to be in direct sunlight so we run down the street home and jump into the pool and play games all afternoon with each other and the dogs. Then I just get out of the pool and eat a big bowl of fresh fruit and read a book until it is time for a little. 

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